Thursday, November 17, 2011


Cover sketch- Let It Rain
Good News. Scholastic has decided to continue my "LET IT" Season's series. Last year LET IT FALL and LET IT SNOW were published with an impressive response. A big Thank You to all the kids and parents who purchased my books from bookstores or from the Scholastic bookclub- Because of you these books have become my bestsellers selling over 1 million copies.
Scholastic also listened to those of you who wrote to them and those who joined the WE WANT SPRING (and summer too) fan page. (A special thanks to parent Evie Louise Cronin who started that facebook page.) Scholastic did respond and I am now writing and illustrating LET IT RAIN (spring) and LET IT SHINE (summer). I am only now in the sketch stages and will have a busy year ahead. Both books will be released in the Spring of 2013...I know- it seems forever. (But I do need to create the paintings!) Back to my desk!
During this time of Thanksgiving- I thank all of you who read and share my books.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GRANDMA & ME -A New App!

Grandma and Me is a book that I wrote and illustrated many years ago. At the time, my daughter was two years old, and she spent every Tuesday with my mother, her Nana Rose, while I spent uninterrupted time in my studio. I dedicated this book to my daughter Janine and my mother Rose. It has been over 20 years since this book was first published by Random House, but the premise and love behind the story is timeless. I am happy to announce that Grandma & Me is back- only this time as an interactive App, developed my a new and innovative company,
Please visit their new online store and share an interactive book with your little one.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let It Fall! Free activity sheet

It's that time again...FALL!
Time to share Let It Fall with you students and children. I just added a free downloadable activity sheet for Let It Fall.
Get It Here: Let It Fall! Activity Sheet

Visit the "activities" link on my website for lots more. I just added:
Learn How to Draw Carlin 
from my book, Bravery Soup. (another great book to share.)

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Announcing my NEW Website

Please check out my redesigned website:

Much of my summer was spent designing my website using iweb. I am not a technical person, so thankfully I found iweb very easy to use- drag & drop! I included links for school visits, portfolio, books & please explore. For kids (and teachers) you'll find an 'Activities' link to download free activity sheets. I'll soon we establishing a STORE where I plan to sell PDF ebooks and play scripts, along with autographed books.(Right now, my store has autographed CLAMS ALL YEAR books.) Please keep checking...and spread the word. I'd also love to hear what you think.
NOW- Back to work!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Book for the Start of School

September means cool nights, wilting gardens, and SCHOOL! For teachers and parents, I'd like to suggest my book JACK'S TALENT to share during the first days of school. The simple story, which takes place on the first day of school, helps introduce the students to eachother while giving children confidence in their abilities.

Some Reviews for Jack's Talent:
From Booklist :" A reassuring confidence booster, encouraging children -and their adults- to creatively think about what they enjoy, their abilities, and how to recognize and celebrate individual accomplishments." 
From Horn Book :"Teachers will want to use this at the beginning of a school year, but children will find piquant details in the pictures when they return to it later on their own."
Jack's Talent is published by Farrar Straus. It was also recently licensed by Houghton Mifflin and published as a Big Book...So hopefully lots of excited or nervous students will be reading it this September. ENJOY!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Visual Story- A Publishing Connection

WMUR came to my studio several weeks ago to interview me for their magazine show called NH  Chronicle. Jen Crompton and a talented cameraman showed up and spent three hours, filming and talking. I was very impressed at how Jen Crompton edited this together. It was seamless. She is a master at what she does. Take a peek:  WMUR NH Chronicle Interview
After I viewed this segment, it hit me... this interview/ film editing process, is much  like publishing a book.  Starting with research, organizing information, and asking the right questions, it moves onto the making of a visual "story" by editing the pieces so it flows together like a moving "book". I was impressed at how Jen brought this piece full circle, by starting with "Wednesday is Spaghetti Day" and ending with the same book and a look to the future of ebooks. We, as authors, use that same technique of "full circle" when writing a book.  There was also a "balance" in this segment, moving in and out, cutting to visuals at the appropriate place, etc. As authors and illustrators we also strive for balance; keeping the reader's interest, changing perspective, and tieing everything together to make a satisfying "read".
This whole process has given me a new appreciation for this film medium. Thanks Jen Crompton & WMUR staff for a great job.   --Thanks!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fox interview

I zip-tripped to my home town, Everett MA. Here is the video from my Fox 25 interview:

Here are the books we discussed and the amazon link to each book. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fox25 Boston- Interview

FOX25 is Zip-tripping to Everett, MA on Friday April 29 -6am-10am in Everett Square- My hometown! I was invited to be part of the fun and I have an interview scheduled for 9:45. I'll be there to feature my book BUS ROUTE TO BOSTON which was inspired by my childhood growing up on Woodlawn Ave (a bus route). I use to take Bus111 to Boston. In the book, my sister Diane, myself and my mom take the bus to Boston and visit all the places we use to go as Filenes Basement (I miss it), Haymarket to buy fruits and vegetables, Baileys (to get an ice cream Sundae) and of course the Northend to visit the butcher and get that cannoli for the bus ride home.

I'll also touch on my new Princess Kim books, which were also inspired by my childhood.
So tune in. (it's going to be short don't blink.)

Location: ‎410 Broadway, Everett 02149
Time: ‎6:00AM Friday, April 29th

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Studio Visit

Occasionally I open my studio for visits with interested groups. In the past I  have hosted several homeschooling groups and elementary school students.
Today visited with a group of highschoolers from Bedford High School (NH) who have chosen to study "children's books" for their Inter-session topic. My studio was their first stop. I spend a few hours explaining my process of creating my books, from idea to printed  book. I hope I inspired them!
I do know that my dog LOVED their visit! Bianca was handed from one student to another. (I do think she is really a cat!)
(I enjoyed your visit!  I hope you all have fun at the Eric Carle Museum!)
- Maryann

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Giveaway Winners

We still have snow on the ground here in NH...But I see signs of SPRING- Really!
Thanks to all who entered my Spring Book Giveaway. I've heard from book lovers from all over the country...including Vermont, Iowa and Wisconsin. I truly appreciate your support.  

The winners have been contacted by email:
Recordable Ebooks: (6 winners) 
Lee H. from NH,   Roberta M. from FL,   Donna C. from VT,   Becky B. from IA, 
Michelle P. from MA,   Lynette M from MD.

Autographed Book, Rain Brings Frogs- A Little Book of Hope(3)  
Amy H. from MS,   Amanda B. from NC,   Betty R. from MA.

Autographed Book, Princess Kim and Too Much Truth (3) 
Samantha G. from NY,   Sarah S from WI,   Paige H. from NH.

Happy Spring! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Maryann's Spring Book-Giveaway

 New Spring Books and Ebooks!
Help me spread the word and enter to win!
Share this BlogPost and win an autographed book or recordable ebook! Here's How:  
* Email it.
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* Facebook 'Share' it. 
* Blog about it. 
* Write an Amazon review on any book.
* Buy any of my books or ebooks.
Do any of the above, then email your name and email address to with the subject line: Spring Book-Hop. On March 21 (Spring!) I will randomly choose 6 names to receive a free autographed hardcover book, either Rain Brings Frogs or Princess Kim and too Much Truth. (Three books of each title will be given away). And 6 names will be chosen to receive a recordable ebook (your choice- one of 4 books offered). Keep's the descriptions:
 (Click BOOK DESCRIPTION for more info and reviews.)
NEW RECORDABLE EBOOKS: How about recording yourself reading one of my books and sending it to a loved one?  I'm now working with an innovative company called, "A Story Before Bed". Four of my books are now available in this exciting ebook format (and more to come). You'll be able to send my books to your children, grandchildren, students, nieces or nephews- and they will SEE and HEAR you as you read. Purchase the book once and send it to everyone! See my "My Bookshelf'"  at A Story Before Bed to preview these titles:
Missing: One Stuffed Rabbit
Wednesday Is Spaghetti Day
Tea for Three
Easter Bunny in Training

Thanks for taking part in my Spring Book HOP Promotion! I sincerely appreciate your help spreading the word....And please follow my blog and leave a comment!
Happy SPRING!  Maryann

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Books!

My two NEW books are now available:
(Please enjoying sharing the free activity sheets below)

Princess Kim and Too Much Truth   
Kim learned her lesson- she is never going to lie again! From now on she is only going to tell the truth- No matter what! Can someone tell TOO MUCH truth? Find out in this funny book about honesty and kindness.

 Published by Albert Whitman CO.  Hardcover.        

 Rain Brings Frogs- A Little Book of Hope
A simple book with a big message of optimism, generosity and hope. Smile along with Nate as he sees the bright side of life.
Published by HarperCollins- Hardcover                       

Thursday, January 27, 2011

SLJ highlights Princess Kim

Today School Library Journal highlighted several favorites from Albert Whitman's new Spring 2011 books. Among them, my book "Princess Kim and Too Much Truth." In this  book I tried to explore the question " Can you ever tell TOO much truth?"  This is a funny story about honesty and kindness. 

Kim’s the kind of kid I think we’ve all encountered before.  The one who feeling morally obligated, nay, compelled to set things right by reestablishing what is true and what is false in the universe.  The thing is, there’s truth and then there’s simply being mean."
Read the full review

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rain Brings Frogs... My New book

  Rain Brings Frogs- A Little Book of Hope 
will be publishing soon...

This a simple book with a big message of hope, tolerance, generosity and kindness.
In this book, Nate sees the bright side of life. When his mother says "I Hate Rain!" Nate says, "Rain Brings Frogs!" When his friend says,"Keep Out!"  Nate says, "Room for All." Nate is grateful for what he's got, is willing to share, and treats others with kindness. Nate helps us see the sun beyond the clouds. In the world of bullying, excess and goal, when creating this book,  was to share some hope...and sun.

I owe the idea to this book to my daughter Janine, who throughout her life has always managed to see the bright side of life despite her disabilities. She is my inspiration. I hope you will get to share my book with the children in your life, whether at home, in a classroom or a library. 
Rain Brings Frogs- A Little Book of Hope will be released on March 1st. I'd love to get your thoughts on my book. Please share my blog and help me spread the word. 
Thanks- Maryann

Published by HarperCollins