Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rain Brings Frogs... My New book

  Rain Brings Frogs- A Little Book of Hope 
will be publishing soon...

This a simple book with a big message of hope, tolerance, generosity and kindness.
In this book, Nate sees the bright side of life. When his mother says "I Hate Rain!" Nate says, "Rain Brings Frogs!" When his friend says,"Keep Out!"  Nate says, "Room for All." Nate is grateful for what he's got, is willing to share, and treats others with kindness. Nate helps us see the sun beyond the clouds. In the world of bullying, excess and goal, when creating this book,  was to share some hope...and sun.

I owe the idea to this book to my daughter Janine, who throughout her life has always managed to see the bright side of life despite her disabilities. She is my inspiration. I hope you will get to share my book with the children in your life, whether at home, in a classroom or a library. 
Rain Brings Frogs- A Little Book of Hope will be released on March 1st. I'd love to get your thoughts on my book. Please share my blog and help me spread the word. 
Thanks- Maryann

Published by HarperCollins

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