Monday, April 14, 2008

Boston Family FAN MAIL. Have Book- will travel!

I received the below email from a mom who's twin boys love my book, Bus Route to Boston. I was thrilled to receive this letter. I was happy to hear that these children found joy in my book and a bit of adventure too:

"I wanted to share our adventures of Saturday with you. Your book, Bus Route to Boston, has been one of their favorites since my children started to pay attention to books with more than one word per page. We were downtown in Boston and planning to go home when the boys said, "We want to ride a bus, like in the bus book." We had a few hours to spare so parked the car and decided that the boys would get a kick out of experiencing part of the Bus Route to Boston. So, we hopped on a bus and then transferred to a train to Haymarket, where the girls in the book go with their mom to buy vegetables. The boys were thrilled to see all the piles of fruits and veggies and reached out to touch and then pretended to be Vinnie and get mad at me when I reached to touch the tomatoes. "No mommy, don't squeeze the tomatoes!"After Haymarket we walked over to the North End and stopped to have pizza. Then we went to Mike's Pastry to get some the girls in the book. On our way back while on the bus the boys insisted on giving the bus driver a cannoli, like the girls give Bill a cannoli. While the bus driver didn't want the cannoli she was tickled by the offer. Then, when we got off the bus, Alexander shouted out and waved to the driver "Bye, Cannoli Girl!" It was his interpretation of the bus driver calling the girls in the book 'Cannoli Girls'. When the bus pulled away the driver honked at the boys - they were thrilled! If Bailey's and Filene's still existed, we would have included them on our trip. Whether it is one of the boys pinching the other's cheek and saying 'Belle' or the fact that they noticed the detail of my having string on the cannoli box which the mom requests left untied, the story has woven its way into our regular conversations and family activities.

Helen and twin sons, Eliot and Alexander

Friday, February 15, 2008

What Accent???

According to my daughter I don't speak correctly- I put Rs in words where there are no Rs and drop the Rs when they exist...OK, I come from Boston...Everett to be exact. My husband understands me perfectly, (He's from Everett too.) My kids were brought up in New Hampshire so unfortunately they missed having the accent. They also missed growing up in the city,
taking the bus to Boston and shopping in Filenes' Basement- (Boy- do I miss that place! I love fighting for bargains!). Luckily they can relive my childhood by reading my book, Bus Route To Boston. (whether they want to or not!). OK- My kids are now 16 and 22- and I have been living in NH for 10 years. A far cry from Everett- no street lights here or sidewalks and I'm still in search for a decent loaf of bread. You take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city (or the accent) out of the girl!
....and I'm waiting for Filenes Basement to open again...2009 I think!