Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Giveaway Winners

We still have snow on the ground here in NH...But I see signs of SPRING- Really!
Thanks to all who entered my Spring Book Giveaway. I've heard from book lovers from all over the country...including Vermont, Iowa and Wisconsin. I truly appreciate your support.  

The winners have been contacted by email:
Recordable Ebooks: (6 winners) 
Lee H. from NH,   Roberta M. from FL,   Donna C. from VT,   Becky B. from IA, 
Michelle P. from MA,   Lynette M from MD.

Autographed Book, Rain Brings Frogs- A Little Book of Hope(3)  
Amy H. from MS,   Amanda B. from NC,   Betty R. from MA.

Autographed Book, Princess Kim and Too Much Truth (3) 
Samantha G. from NY,   Sarah S from WI,   Paige H. from NH.

Happy Spring! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Maryann's Spring Book-Giveaway

 New Spring Books and Ebooks!
Help me spread the word and enter to win!
Share this BlogPost and win an autographed book or recordable ebook! Here's How:  
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* Write an Amazon review on any book.
* Buy any of my books or ebooks.
Do any of the above, then email your name and email address to mcleffler@aol.com with the subject line: Spring Book-Hop. On March 21 (Spring!) I will randomly choose 6 names to receive a free autographed hardcover book, either Rain Brings Frogs or Princess Kim and too Much Truth. (Three books of each title will be given away). And 6 names will be chosen to receive a recordable ebook (your choice- one of 4 books offered). Keep reading...here's the descriptions:
 (Click BOOK DESCRIPTION for more info and reviews.)
NEW RECORDABLE EBOOKS: How about recording yourself reading one of my books and sending it to a loved one?  I'm now working with an innovative company called, "A Story Before Bed". Four of my books are now available in this exciting ebook format (and more to come). You'll be able to send my books to your children, grandchildren, students, nieces or nephews- and they will SEE and HEAR you as you read. Purchase the book once and send it to everyone! See my "My Bookshelf'"  at A Story Before Bed to preview these titles:
Missing: One Stuffed Rabbit
Wednesday Is Spaghetti Day
Tea for Three
Easter Bunny in Training

Thanks for taking part in my Spring Book HOP Promotion! I sincerely appreciate your help spreading the word....And please follow my blog and leave a comment!
Happy SPRING!  Maryann