Thursday, November 17, 2011


Cover sketch- Let It Rain
Good News. Scholastic has decided to continue my "LET IT" Season's series. Last year LET IT FALL and LET IT SNOW were published with an impressive response. A big Thank You to all the kids and parents who purchased my books from bookstores or from the Scholastic bookclub- Because of you these books have become my bestsellers selling over 1 million copies.
Scholastic also listened to those of you who wrote to them and those who joined the WE WANT SPRING (and summer too) fan page. (A special thanks to parent Evie Louise Cronin who started that facebook page.) Scholastic did respond and I am now writing and illustrating LET IT RAIN (spring) and LET IT SHINE (summer). I am only now in the sketch stages and will have a busy year ahead. Both books will be released in the Spring of 2013...I know- it seems forever. (But I do need to create the paintings!) Back to my desk!
During this time of Thanksgiving- I thank all of you who read and share my books.