Sunday, December 2, 2012

NEW BOOK- A Vacation for Pooch

Hot off the Press! I just received my 1st copy in the mail of- A VACATION FOR POOCH. This book is about being separated from the one you love. I wrote it when my daughter, Kristin, was leaving for College. It's dedicated to her & her two best friends, Steph & Mal. The publishing date is not until FEB 19, 2013- but the timing is perfect as the story is about a little girl, Violet, who leaves her dog, Pooch, behind while she goes to Florida on her February Vacation. While she is having fun in the sun- her dog is at Grandpa's snowy (NH) farm. A mix-up causes Violet to imagine that Pooch is miserable without her. She soon discovers that even when miles separate you, love is always the connection.

I had such fun illustrating this book.The illustrations are done in gouache, fabric collage and torn paper. Violet, the adorable character, is based on my Godchild's daughter, Violet- who is equally adorable and looks much like my book character. It is a charming small book, 8X6, hardcover with a dust jacket. I have been wanting to work for Christy Ottaviano for years! I am so thrilled to be part of her upcoming list at Henry Holt. With Christy's guidance and skill - A VACATION FOR POOCH is my new favorite book. I hope it becomes your favorite as well.

A VACATION FOR POOCH can be *pre-ordered- (released on Feb 19)
See the book and lots of the art HERE:  Henry Holt, Macmillian Website
*The above website will also link you to many sites where you can purchase the book, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. 

As always- I'd be happy to autograph or send a signed bookplate for your purchase book. Just email me at

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Thursday, November 15, 2012


"Let It Rain" & Let It Shine" will publish this Spring! They will join "Let It Fall" & "Let It Snow" (which are currently available). All books are published by Scholastic. Please look for them in stores and on the Scholastic Bookclub!

Now you can travel through the entire year with this popular trio and their dog!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BOOK PREVIEW- Publishing in 2013

I have had a very busy year on the book publishing front. I will have FOUR books publishing in 2013. I am working on the art of the last of these books, all of which I wrote and illustrated.
Here's a PREVIEW in order of Publishing Dates:

A Vacation for Pooch  (Christy O Books/ Henry Holt ) Feb 2013:
( An adorable book about love, a girl, her dog and a vacation mix-up.)

LET IT RAIN!  (Scholastic ) Early Spring 2013:
Page 2 of the long awaited SPRING title to the "LET IT" Seasons series.
LET IT SHINE! (Scholastic) Late Spring 2013
Page 12 of the long-awaited SUMMER title to the "LET IT" Season's series.
THEO'S MOOD  (Albert Whitman & Co.) Fall 2013
Art from JEALOUS page. (fabric collage- had fun with this art!)

As always, thank you for your support. I will soon add downloadable activities sheets for these books on my website. Please keep your eye out for "Let It Rain!" and Let It Shine!" on your Scholastic book-club. ("Let it Fall!" and "Let it Snow!" are available now...and my bestsellers, with over 1 million sold!)
My upcoming year will be devoted to my play, Princess K.I.M. the Musical (Hope to see you there!), but I'll be writing a few books as well and visiting schools! (still booking School Visits!)

Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Authors In April - Rochester, MI (photo diary)

Thank you all for welcoming me to your schools!

I got the fashion memo!
All your artwork was amazing!
I introduced you to Princess Kim while we listened to music from my play.

Mr. Tanen would LOVE these ties!
Your were such a good audience!

I stayed in a nice Inn 

and met the other authors, Barbara O'Connor, Shelley Pearsall and Mary Casanova.

I made  good friends and ate great food!

I  signed a lot of books! Thanks Jenny and Kathy & the AA Board!
Thanks so much for inviting me to Author's in April! I had a great week.
 I hope to return someday soon!
Keep Reading!  XO Maryann

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Published- My New Book

My new book, TIME TO SAY BYE BYE was just published by Viking Press, NY. I got the idea when I thought back on my own children as toddlers and remembered how difficult it was for them to transition from one activity to another without having a melt down. Well, this book will help make transitions easier. It recently got a great review by Kirkus:

"Many books have mimicked Goodnight Moon, and this rendition applies much the same formula, substituting the title phrase with bye-byes and extending it through a busy day.
A toddler is taken to the park, where he swings, digs and has fun, but when it’s time to go, he says, “I don’t want to leave.” The unseen adult says, “It’s time to say bye-bye,” so the child obligingly says bye-bye to the swing, the sandbox and his friend. A visit to Grandma sees a similar scenario, with bye-byes to the cookies, flowers and Grandma. Back home means eating, building and a toy parade, with subsequent bye-byes to dishes, blocks and toys. Bath time and bedtime follow with night-nights to the light, books and Mommy, with time for sweet dreams. Cocca-Leffler’s sprightly illustrations are sweet but not saccharine, and their positivity is useful for adults trying to deal with “I don’t want to go” whiners. Each objection to leaving by the toddler is expressed in the first-person and printed in red.
So effective is the delivery here that parents may find themselves saying bye-bye to things they’d never imagined talking to." (Picture book. 0-2) KIRKUS REVIEW