Sunday, December 2, 2012

NEW BOOK- A Vacation for Pooch

Hot off the Press! I just received my 1st copy in the mail of- A VACATION FOR POOCH. This book is about being separated from the one you love. I wrote it when my daughter, Kristin, was leaving for College. It's dedicated to her & her two best friends, Steph & Mal. The publishing date is not until FEB 19, 2013- but the timing is perfect as the story is about a little girl, Violet, who leaves her dog, Pooch, behind while she goes to Florida on her February Vacation. While she is having fun in the sun- her dog is at Grandpa's snowy (NH) farm. A mix-up causes Violet to imagine that Pooch is miserable without her. She soon discovers that even when miles separate you, love is always the connection.

I had such fun illustrating this book.The illustrations are done in gouache, fabric collage and torn paper. Violet, the adorable character, is based on my Godchild's daughter, Violet- who is equally adorable and looks much like my book character. It is a charming small book, 8X6, hardcover with a dust jacket. I have been wanting to work for Christy Ottaviano for years! I am so thrilled to be part of her upcoming list at Henry Holt. With Christy's guidance and skill - A VACATION FOR POOCH is my new favorite book. I hope it becomes your favorite as well.

A VACATION FOR POOCH can be *pre-ordered- (released on Feb 19)
See the book and lots of the art HERE:  Henry Holt, Macmillian Website
*The above website will also link you to many sites where you can purchase the book, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. 

As always- I'd be happy to autograph or send a signed bookplate for your purchase book. Just email me at

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