Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Book for the Start of School

September means cool nights, wilting gardens, and SCHOOL! For teachers and parents, I'd like to suggest my book JACK'S TALENT to share during the first days of school. The simple story, which takes place on the first day of school, helps introduce the students to eachother while giving children confidence in their abilities.

Some Reviews for Jack's Talent:
From Booklist :" A reassuring confidence booster, encouraging children -and their adults- to creatively think about what they enjoy, their abilities, and how to recognize and celebrate individual accomplishments." 
From Horn Book :"Teachers will want to use this at the beginning of a school year, but children will find piquant details in the pictures when they return to it later on their own."
Jack's Talent is published by Farrar Straus. It was also recently licensed by Houghton Mifflin and published as a Big Book...So hopefully lots of excited or nervous students will be reading it this September. ENJOY!

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