Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Visiting Schools with JANINE

Janine signing books at Clark-Wilkins School Amherst, NH

The Kids Love Janine...An original from a Fan.
The REAL Janine joined me in Henniker, NH 
March has been filled with school visits. I surprised the Henniker Community School by introducing them to the REAL Janine! They were so excited to meet Janine (the inspiration for the book) and were shocked when they discovered Janine wasn't the first grader depicted in the book, (very funny). I was so proud to have Janine by my side talking to the students and answering their questions. They LOVED Janine and I know she made a lasting impact on their young lives.
The students surprised us by filling their school with kindness. We particularly loved the "Be Your Spectacular Self" sign, which is the message Janine and I want leave with the children.
Our Message- The Kid's Art! Love it. (Henniker, NH)

Kindess Quilt- Henniker, NH
Spreading MORE kindness (Henniker, NH)

Here's a few other photos from recent visits. Thank you Holliston, MA and Hampton, NH (pictured here) as well as all the other schools I have visited. I am so grateful for your warm welcomes and enthusiasm for JANINE.
Keep Being your SPECTACULAR Self!

Drawing "Janine" in Hampton, NH
A great visit in Holliston, MA
LOVE WHO YOU ARE! Hope to see you soon!
 XO Maryann and Janine

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Ms. Moffatt said...

Oh my gosh, Holliston is the town beside me. Wish I knew you were out this way. Looks like a great visit.