Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My NEW book! Theo's Mood

 It's "Mood Monday" a day when the class shares their MOOD NEWS. Miss Cady asks Theo, "Are you in a good mood or a bad mood?"  Theo doesn't know what to say because he has a new baby sister and is not sure how he is feeling. His classmates chime in and talk about their moods...Happy, Proud, Sad, Mad, Jealous...Theo finally realizes that he has a lot of feelings.

"Maybe you feel Jealous like me."

"My sister won another trophy."

SOME REVIEWS: "Cocca-Leffler's friendly mixed-media illustrations telegraph each child's emotions clearly, and her story underscores the idea that good and bad moods aren't mutually exclusive." Publishers Weekly

 . . . Cocca-Leffler once again demonstrates her understanding of small children and the complexities of their emotions." Kirkus Reviews 


Character Inspiration- My Dad- THEO- Back Flap
I hope you enjoy my new book. (Published by Albert Whitman & Co.) It was a fun book to illustrate...using collage (fabric & printed papers) along with gouache paints.  All the best- from a "HAPPY"- Maryann

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