Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Purple Line.

As a children's book illustrator, I am used to working size. I am currently undertaking a very LARGE project- I am bringing my books to the stage and designing and painting the sets. My play, Princess K.I.M. The Musical , is based on my Princess KIM books published by Albert Whitman & Co. As illustrators we struggle with technique, specifically THE LINE, as we decide how we will approach the illustrations to a book. In my Princess KIM books, after many trials, I decided on a purple line, and then painted the illustrations with acrylic paints. Since I wanted  my sets to "match" the book, I wondered if I could pull off the same technique on a large scale. I went for it.  I am outlining everything with a PURPLE LINE, and then painting with Latex.

Choosing the color palette is another challenge. I went about it as I do when illustrating a book. I planned out the colors for the characters and their clothing. As in a book, I wanted to offset my characters so they do not get lost in the background. I am working closely with my costume designer.
The main characters will be wearing rich magentas, royal blues, yellows, reds, pinks, emerald green etc.

The sets are coming together. My Play's Opening is only 2 months from I have a BIG deadline looming.
Below are some views of a few pieces that will be included in the sets.  I want the audience to feel as if they are walking into my children's book. I hope I can accomplish what I visualize. (Luckily I have some painting help including my talented college art student intern, Jeremy Edelblut.)

I will continue to post my progress.

I hope you can attend my play and see this all come together.
(Tickets are already on sale on the Princess K.I.M. Website.)

Okay- Back to painting!
Thanks for reading!
Here is a recent Video /Amherst Patch
"Painting the Whole Picture"


June said...

Amazing seeing this all coming together like ahuge 3D picture book. All the hard work is about to merge for a fantastic show.
Wishing you,the team and the cast a great success.

Maryann Cocca-Leffler said...

Thanks so much June. It's a lot of fun. I appreciate your comments.