Thursday, July 6, 2017

Visiting places of inspiration...

Through the years, my young 'California Cousin' connected to her Cocca family through my books. Recently she made the trip East and visited the places that inspired two of my family stories. 

Here she is standing in front of my parents' house, (my childhood home) in Everett, MA. She's opened to the page which depicts the exact house. It's still on a bus route......The Book- BUS ROUTE TO BOSTON: 


Below she's standing in front of our family home in Hull, MA...
the setting for CLAMS ALL YEAR. 
Since I wrote and illustrated these books, the family has grown and aged and many members, including my mom, are no longer with us. These books are the stories of our lives, growing up in a big Italian family. From bus trips to Filene's Basement...visits to the North End to buy cannoli, Summer days clam-digging with my grandfather and sharing the feast that followed...this is our family history, which, hopefully, will be passed down through the generations.

(Thank you for embracing the memories and the stories. 
Why didn't I ever think of doing this!?)

Have a wonderful Summer everyone and enjoy making your own family memories!

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