Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hooked on my book- A Father's Letter

On a very hot summer day I received a heartwarming and humorous letter about my cold-weather book, Let It Snow. A Dad had written me about his daughters' love (obsession?) with my book. There are days, as I sit in my studio, that I wonder if what I create will have a connection with children. It's gratifying to know that my books make their way into the hands and hearts of kids and parents. With permission, I have posted this beautiful letter below. Enjoy. And yes- that tattered and torn book will be replaced with a new autographed copy!  

Dear Maryann, 

I wanted to write to thank you for your book Let it Snow. When my oldest daughter was born, four and a half years ago, someone gave us the book, and we have read it so many times now that the corners of the pages are wearing thin (see attached photo).

"Swirling twirling first snowflakes, skating spinning on frozen lakes" – MaryAnn, let me tell you something: I wrote that from memory, and my memory's not even that great. But seriously, there's no way I'm going to forget that book.  

I've read Let it Snow to my child in the voice of a kindergarten teacher; I've done it in the voice of rapper Snoop Dogg; and I've read it as quickly as possible because it's the second time through (again); and I've read it until I didn't want to read it anymore - but there was just one problem: my daughter wanted to keep reading it, and then we had another child, and she wanted to read it too.  

A couple of months ago, I realized that the book was special to us as a family, and here's why: because when I look back on my own childhood and remember the pages of specific storybooks, I realize that they have become the snapshots of my childhood feelings.  Let it Snow is now one of those books for my little girls.  

Maybe one of these days when my girls grow up, they'll still remember the back-and-forth "but then" rhythm of the book; maybe they'll remember all the times we searched for the doggie and the teddy bear in each picture, sometimes finding one, usually both.  But even if they don't remember the specifics, I'll bet they're going to remember flashes of a few lovely pictures from the book and the feeling of being in Mom and Dad's arms as we read it to them.

So that's my extended way of saying thanks for writing a great book.  It has not only become a favorite of my daughters', it has become a favorite of mine.

Joshua Rogers


Thank you so much Joshua. Looks like your girls will be receiving the Seasons series. Get Ready to READ (and read and read and read)!- Maryann


Evelyn Louise said...

And this is why we fought so hard to get Spring and Summer published! We love our Seasons books and can't get enough of them!

Maryann Cocca-Leffler said...

Thank you Evelyn. Your passion helped to make the series complete! Hope you are enjoying the summer.

June said...

Letters like this are a most wonderful gift to book creators. You must be thrilled to know how your work has given so much joy to these little girls, and many more children (and parents too).
Thanks for sharing.

Maryann Cocca-Leffler said...

Thanks June- this letter proves that what we produce as author/illustrators indeed touch people. I am also warmed by the fact that in the days of computers and books, kids are still cuddling up with a book on their parents laps. So important. Hope that never changes.

Joshua Rogers said...

My turn to blog about you, Maryann. Thanks again, and God bless you.